Sperry 300 Nav-Com RT-385A 1986 Maintenance w/Illustrated Parts
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Sperry A-12 Gyropilot Flight Control Instruction Manual 1954 (part# 15-42)
Our Price: $15.00
Sperry A-12 Gyropilot Flight Control Operating Instructions 1958 (part# 15-133)
Our Price: $20.00
Sperry A-2, C-4A Gyrosyn Compass Overhaul
Our Price: $25.00
Sperry AF Type MA-2 Automatic Pilot Operation & Maintenance 1955
Our Price: $125.00
Sperry Autopilot/Flight Director Instrument System For Cessna Citation Pilot's Manual 1975
  • Describes the operation, components, typical flight applications and operating procedures of the Sperry systems in the Cessna Citaton 500.
  • May 1975
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Sperry C-1, C-5, C-5C Directional Gyro Indicators Handbook 1946
  • Air Force Type C-1  Part No. 657069, 661560
  • Air Force Type C-5  Part No. 652191, 653290, 674174
  • Air Force Type C-5C Part No. 674090
  • Revised May 1970
  • Handbook Operation, Service, Overhaul with Parts
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Sperry C-14 Gyrosyn Compass Maintenance 1965
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Sperry C-4, C-4A, C-4B Gyrosyn Compass Operation & Service
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Sperry FZ-500 Flight Director Component Maintenance Manual 1982
  • FZ-500 Flight Director Computer
  • Part No. 4018369-905 Units Before MOD H
  • Revised 1982
  • 2 Volumes
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Sperry Gyro Horizon Indicator Operation, Service, Overhaul, Parts 1942
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Sperry Indicators Directional Gyro Type AN5735 Operation, Service, Overhaul, Parts
Handbook of Operation, Service and Overhaul Instructions with Parts Catalog
Type AN5735
Navy Stock NO.S  R88-1-969 and R88-1-970
Directional Gyro Indicators (Sperry)
Issued Nov 1942 - Revised June 1954
TO 5F8-5-2-1
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Sperry Primus-100 & WeatherScout Description & Installation Manual
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Sperry Radio Beam Coupling System Preliminary Operationg Instructions
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Sperry SHZ-109 1979 Maintenance Manual
Integrated Flight Control System For The Agusta-A109A Helicopter
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Sperry SHZ-109-2 1981 Operations Manual
Automatic Flight Control System For The Agusta-109A
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Sperry SP-40 Auto Flight Control 1964 Maintenance Manual
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Sperry SPZ-200 Automatic Flight Control System Maintenance Manual 1974
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Sperry SPZ-500 Autopilot/Flight Director Pilot Operating Manual
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Sperry SPZ-500C Integrated Flight Maintenance Manual
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