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1936-1938 Nash All Models Service Manual
1936-1938 Nash All Models Service Manual
Service Manual
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This is a factory original service manual that was originally used in the dealership back then. Covers 1936-1937-1938 Nash All Models Service Manual. It is very common for these manuals not to have every section. And this one doesn't either. With that in mind, this manual has sections covering Carburetor & Fuel System 24 pgs; Transmission with Cruising Gear type T86, R1, N2, R6, overdrive clutch, syncro clutch, vacuum shift & column shift 24 pages; Rear Axle 6 pgs; Steering & Gear 10 pgs; Hydraulic Brakes 11 pgs; Body 15 pgs. This manual is discounted because every single subject is not covered.