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1929 or 1930 Oldsmobile Viking Color Catalog!
1929 or 1930 Oldsmobile Viking Color Catalog!
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Here is a beautiful color sales catalog of the Viking. This measures 9x12 and has 24 pages. The pictures tell part of the story of the beauty of this catalog-and the similarity to the LaSalle is to me unmistakable.

Condition is very nice overall, but has the nicks and hits of age around the edges-you know, like we do! So it is not excellent, but is not cut, torn, or loose. This is "Form No. V-1"

JUST DISCOVERED! Right here in Flint, MI, home of Buick, Chevrolet, General Motors and AC Spark Plug, has rolled out yet another estate containing early auto history.

A Japanese-American engineer lived and worked here in Flint in the early days of the auto industry. His name was W. Nakanuva. According to some of the paperwork that was discovered, he worked for Dort Motor Car Co., the Flint Motor Co., Continental Motors and some other side work. The bulk of this is from 1910 to around 1941.