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The Golden Age of The Luxury Car
The Golden Age of The Luxury Car

The Golden Age of The Luxury Car

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The Golden Age of The Luxury Car" edited by George Hildebrand. This book was published in 1980 and measures approximately 11" x 8" and has over 150 pages. The book is soft-bound and is in very good condition.
If you are a connoisseur of "fine automobiles" then you will enjoy this book. The time period of 1928-1931 is considered the "Golden Age of the coachbuilt luxury motorcar". There are many black and white photos to show these incredibly designed cars.

"This long out of print book came from the local estate of an old-time car nut near Flint, MI. In Flint, it is easy to end up a "car nut", or enthusiast" as they say. Here on our Ebay Storefront we are adding titles every day that many of you car collectors out there may have been looking for a number of years! Just do a title search, as near as you can remember, in the search window here in our store." Loc:Big Room