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1997 Ford Cars Product Manual
1997 Ford Cars Product Manual

1997 Ford Cars Product Manual

Dealer Album
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Color and upholstery books (a.k.a. Dealer Albums; Product Manuals) like this were so expensive from the manufacturer that most dealerships would only have one or two at the most from which salesmen were to order new cars.

Because of this, they were rare to begin with, and today have become the "crown jewel" of any old car owner's literature collection.

Car dealerships would use one of these frequently, especially during good years. In fact, they were so often used that it is difficult to find one that is not "well used".

With this in mind, here are the details for the manual in this auction...

This album shows all the options, features, specs, paint chips, interiors, and order forms for the full Ford car line including Mustang, Aspire, Probe, Escort, Thunderbird, Contour, Taurus, Crown Victoria, -plus SHO!